Pregnancy Help Center

of Smith County


Pray that we may reach that girl who may otherwise be lost. Pray we reach the girl who is making decisions without proper information. Pray we are reaching the girl who is struggling with decisions. Pray we shine God's light into everyone we meet, and that they are led to His love.

We've recently signed up for Amazon Smiles, so shoppers on Amazon can donate to the Pregnancy Help Center. 

Baby Bottle Ministry

Anything you do would be greatly appreciated! What can you do?


We need liaisons to work with us and their churches in our Baby Bottle Ministry . We need people to pass out flyers to different organizations and neighborhoods in our community and surrounding areas. Come to the center and help (one hour, two hours, three hours, more, whatever you choose)! Have a special talent or skill? Let's find a place for you!

Choose Life License PlateAnother way you can support Pregnancy Help Centers all across Tennessee is by the purchase of the Choose Life License Plate for your car or truck. The extra costs from the sale of these plates go directly to help fund centers like ours. They are available at your local County Court Clerk's office. You can get them any time of the year to replace the tag you have now. Get yours today!

Thank you so much for looking at how you can help make a difference and save a life one baby and one girl at a time! 

We are in need of baby items:  cribs, highchairs, infant/convertible car seats (new), diapers, baby wipes, gently used or new baby clothes, newborn to 1 year baby toys.

Other needs that we currently have are:  office items such as; computer, printer/copier/fax, copy paper, and/or funds to purchase these items. 


Encourage your friends and family to participate. Talk about us to your employers, employees, social groups, etc. Challenge them to help us reach the girls (and boys) in the community. Put us in your Will. Make a monetary contribution.

See below for ways to donate.

Other Monetary DonationsWays to donate: Cash and checks can be brought in or mailed to the Center. Many donors prefer to send checks using their banks Bill Pay features*. Just set up a one time or recurring donation to be sent to the Pregnancy Help Center, PO Box 244, Carthage TN 37030, select any amount you choose and your bank will print and mail the check for you from your checking account.

*Donate using a credit or debit card or your Paypal account:

A Christ Centered Ministry

It's all about the babies and their mothers and fathers!


Getting pregnant isn't the worst thing that could happen when people become sexually active outside of their marriage. We can help you teach your kids about things you probably didn't realize. Make an appointment to come in and watch "The High Cost of Free Love" by Pam Stenzel in a private room. (Should be watched by anyone who will ever have sex, anyone who is thinking about having sex, anyone who is sexually active, and anyone who has ever had sex.)

You, your church or business can make a difference with just the loose coins you have day to day! Even small children can take part with this.

It is our Baby Bottle Ministry.

Learn about this program by clicking here to get the Baby Bottle Ministry brochure. Click here for our FAQ about this program.

Contact our Pregnancy Help Center and get your church or business signed up to take part and start filling those bottles with coins, bills or checks.