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Mother and Baby

Serving the Smith County Tennessee Area 

Baby Bottle Ministry

You, your church or business can make a difference with just the loose coins you have day to day!


Even small children can take part with this. It is our Baby Bottle Ministry.


Baby Bottle Ministry FAQ

Q: What is the Baby Bottle Ministry?
A: The Baby Bottle Ministry is an educational tool to raise awareness about the mission and
services provided by the Pregnancy Help Center of Smith County. It is a way for us to
grow financially while increasing community awareness.

Q: How does it work?
A: When families take our special baby bottle home, they are encouraged to pray for the
Pregnancy Help Center and consider ways to support our mission. The Baby Bottle
Ministries are usually scheduled for an agreed upon amount of time.  The bottles can be filled with loose change, cash, or checks, and are then collected.

Q: Who participates?
A: Churches, schools, organizations, and businesses are encouraged to participate in the
Baby Bottle Ministry. These groups enable thousands of people of all ages to participate.

Q: What kind of success have you seen?
A: We have had the Baby Bottle Program for several years and it has been a very successful fundraiser for the Pregnancy Help Center.

Q: Who counts the money? Can we get a report of our total?
A: We collect the filled bottles and have our volunteers roll the coins and count the money.
A report of your ministry total is sent to your organization after the bottles are returned.

Q: Who gets the money?
A: Every penny that comes out of the bottle goes directly to our program costs. The checks,
cash, and coin from bottles help support women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Ongoing
support for the mothers and families continue until the baby is one year old. We provide
all of our services free of charge.

Q: How can I get started?
A: Contact our Pregnancy Help Center and get your church or business signed up to take part and start filling

those bottles with coins, bills or checks.


About Us

Your needs are important to us. Our trained staff is here to answer your questions and listen to your concerns about pregnancy, abortion, STDs, and similar issues. All of our services are free and completely confidential. Please call to make an appointment, or schedule one through our Facebook page. More information is available on this site and by calling our office.


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