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The First Annual Biggest Little Duck Race will be held to benefit the Pregnancy Help Center of Smith County.

This information is for the 2022 Duck Race. We will update with information for the 2023 race as the date approaches.


Where and when? The race will be held September 24, 2022 during the William Walton Harvest Festival in Carthage. The event starts at 10:00am. Races will be run all day at our booth with the time of the BIG race to be determined. You do NOT have to be present to win the BIG race.

What? We have constructed our own version of a Mountain Stream/Grizzly River/Lazy River (you pick) to race small rubber/plastic duckies. The stream is 16’ long and is constructed of wood, plywood, plastic, metal, tape, and spit. But it works pretty well. (Water flow is by a 2,700 gph water garden pump).

What could I win? The BIG race will pay out a minimum of $1,000 or 40% of the proceeds donated from adopted ducks (whichever is greater) and will be won by one winner. Additional prizes will be won by subsequent places depending on the availability of prizes. More information on those will be announced on this webpage. Due to the number of entries expected and the size of our “river” we anticipate having to run multiple preliminary races to narrow down the field to a manageable number for the final race. You do not have to make a purchase or a donation to enter or win the BIG race. A purchase does not increase your chances of winning. See below. The odds of winning depends on the number of tickets/adoptions we receive. We will post winners of the BIG race on this page in a reasonable amount of time after the race.

Where can I adopt a duck (buy tickets)?

(1) You can adopt duck(s) on this page by clicking the PayPal Donate button below where you can pay with either PayPal or by debit or credit card. Even though it says Donate you are actually adopting a duck. (2) at the Pregnancy Help Center in Carthage during business hours, Smith Co. Chamber of Commerce, all local branches of Citizens Bank, Smith County Bank, and Wilson Bank & Trust, Smith County Drug Center, Gordonsville Drugs, Hackett’s Discount Drugs , and from PHC board members - Martha Holladay - Director, Tim Frank, Gary Ferrell, Michael Manor, Robin Underwood, Heather Underwood, and Sandra Vaden, and at the PHC booth on the day of the race. Do not adopt ducks from a guy on a street corner wearing a trench coat. That is not us.


Daily Races – We will also have other races the day of the Walton Festival. Entry to those races will be purchased at the time of the race. We anticipate these will be 3-10 duck races with prizes depending on the number of ducks in the race. We may also hold races for donated items during the day.

We are also planning a “Pluck a Duck” opportunity for smaller children with age-appropriate prizes. (Pick up a duck and get a prize – like at the carnival but we won’t holler at you as you walk by).


Short list of fine print-

  1. Winners in the BIG race must be at least 18 years of age. Prizes will be given in one person’s name. You do not have to be present to win the BIG race.

  2. If for any reason the race cannot be held on the “river” winners will be chosen by a random draw from all entries.

  3. Ducks must “swim” on their own after release in the race. If a duck gets stuck in an eddy or on an object, etc. it’s just a stuck duck.

  4. Other than possible prize ducks given out during the day you are adopting our ducks for a race. You do not get to keep the duck.

  5. We will do our best to conduct a fair contest/race. This is our first attempt at this and it will have a learning curve. The primary purpose is to raise money for the Pregnancy Help Center of Smith County so that they can help others. Hopefully everyone will keep this in mind and no one will get their feathers ruffled.

  6. Any member of the board of directors or any immediate family member residing in the same household as the board of directors or an officer/employee of the organization are not allowed to enter the BIG race. (The Charitable Gaming Law defines immediate family as spouse, child, step-child, brother, sister, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, parent or grandparent)

  7. You do not have to make a purchase or a donation to enter or win the BIG race. A purchase does not increase your chances of winning. To obtain a free Adoption Ticket mail us a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope with your Name and Address to:

Duck Race

Pregnancy Help Center of Smith County

P.O. Box 244

Carthage, TN 37030

Below is the Donation link where you can Adopt/Pay For ducks for the BIG race on September 24th. It says Donate but you are actually adopting a duck for the race.


Each duck adoption is $10.00 so you can adopt one duck for $10.00, two ducks for $20.00, etc. You do not have to specify how many ducks, just make a donation in multiples of $10.00 and we'll do the math.


You can pay either with PayPal or by Credit or Debit card. Even though the PHC receives Non-profit rates on PayPal that is about $.68 on a $10.00 donation. You will have the option to donate towards covering that fee but that is not at all required. We're just happy you are adopting our duck(s).

Click Here to Adopt a Duck:

Due to the closeness to the race time we have shut down PayPal payments.

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